Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The 3-Day Pattern That Suggests A Bearish Edge For Today

The last 3 days have created an interesting setup.  Thursday SPY made a new 50-day closing high.  Friday SPY posted an inside day.  And then Monday was another 50-day closing high.  This has only happened 16 other times since 1999.  Below is a list of all the instances along with their performance the next day.

Risk/reward here heavily favors the short side. The average drawdown is nearly 4 times the size the average run-up. Also notable is that every instance saw drawdown of at least 0.35% the next day, but only 1 of the 16 instances saw run-up of at least 0.35%.  Futures are up 2.5 points right now about an hour before the open, but there may be some headwinds based on this pattern.

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Unknown said...

Dear Sir,

Your samples are very small to have any meaning. Please write up something to explain to us why you think 16 past trades should mean something. Most of your posts deal with very small samples. I hope you realize the problem of statistical significance.