Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Very Low Range In SPY Potentially Short-Term Bearish

The market was down a little and no one seemed to care.  Volume was extremely light, and the range was the lowest in months.  This kind of indifference can sometimes mean that bulls are done (temporarily).  They pushed prices higher leading up to Monday then held a buying strike.  Often this kind of action will be followed by sellers entering the market to fill the vacuum that is being created with the buyers leaving.  A number of studies triggered yesterday that exemplify this concept.  Below is one.

Such extremely low range on a day the SPY dips a little has commonly been followed by a further drop. I will note that the short side does not have the QE Buying Power Index in its favor...but it will soon. 

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Daniel said...

Yet another interesting slant on market momentum, Rob. You always seem to peer at the same data as the rest of us but with more sets of spectacles.

I'm really looking fwd to the upcoming Webinar on Thursday.

I'm curious to see how the Buying Power Index would act, as a filter, on a study such as this...

Thanks always for all you share with us.