Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Quantifiable Edges Subscriber Letter April Results

I’ve presented below the summary results of the Quantifiable Edges Subscriber Letter trade ideas for April and since inception. April was a decent month. Although there were fewer trade ideas and rewards were a bit smaller than March, it was still strongly positive.

In addition to the trade ideas, the Subscriber Letter provides additional research beyond the blog and shows CBI analysis down to the sector level. More features will be announced soon. Should anyone wish to receive a free three-day trial to the Quantifiable Edges Subscriber Letter, just send an email to QuantEdges@HannaCapital.com and include your name and email address.


Anonymous said...


For tracking your trade ideas...are there actual buy/sell numbers that you give in your Subscriber letter to follow?

Rob Hanna said...

Zack -

Sorry I've been slow responding. I've fallen behind on the comments section in the last few days.

Yes. All trade ideas used in tallying the results come with specific entry and exit criteria. I also mention other stocks to keep an eye on without specific criteria. Those are not included in the results.