Monday, August 25, 2008

MarketSci's Take On Recent Studies

One relatively new blog I’ve begun to read and enjoy is MarketSci. Over the weekend I decided to check out some the past posts and studies on his blog. I was surpised to find one post eerily similar to my own Trend vs. Chop study that he published in July. Michael’s findings agreed with my own with some additional twists. He also looked at results above and below the 200-day moving average, and he looked at bonds as well.

I’ll be expanding the study again and publishing some results based on weekly bars a little later.

MarketSci also had an interesting post last week which expanded nicely on my recent SOX studies suggesting the SOX can act as a leading catalyst for the broad market.

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Bill Luby said...

You two are definitely cut from the same cloth -- and I look forward to seeing how the interplay between your thinking evolves.

Frankly, sometimes when I am reading something from one of the two of you, I have to look up at the top of the page just to confirm who is responsible for the words.

Kudos to both of you!