Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Twas 3 Nights Before Christmas

With only two trading sessions left until Christmas, we are now in a seasonally strong period for the market. Below is a breakdown of the last 21 years and how the S&P has performed from this point forward.

The next 1 to 5 days have been especially bullish. If you decided to buy the close 3 sessions before Christmas and then sell the 1st profitable close after entry then 18 of 21 trades would have been winners within 2 days and 20 of 21 within 5 days.


Anonymous said...


I wanted to know if you have any data on 5 closes lower in a row? Such as the S&P is today, the 5th day. (most with decreasing volume), and below 50 day and 200 day ma.

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