Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gaps Up From 10-day Highs

The SPY is set to gap higher this morning after closing at a 10-day high yesterday. Below are the stats when buying $100k of SPY at 9:31 the morning when SPY closes at a 10-day high and then gaps up at least 0.75%. The trade is then exited at the 4pm close (2001-present):

Below are all the instances found:
(produced with Tradestation)

Looks to be a decent chance of a move down from the open today.


Eric Wag said...

Dang it Rob one of my strategies that I trade is really similar to your post. It is good to know that we have come to the same conclusion independently.

Daniel said...

What is your strategy, EW?

Douglas said...

well done. Looks like you were right again.

But did the market gap up by 0.75% in the end?