Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Follow Through Day Research Reminder

It’s now been a few days since we hit the lows. With a potential bottom in place IBD followers and some other intermediate-term traders are eagerly awaiting a Follow Through Day (FTD) signal to start putting money to work again. FTD’s get a lot of press but they are largely overrated as a predictive indicator and many reports on them from IBD and others are filled with lore rather than facts. Back in 2008 I did a series on FTD’s. I examined many claims about them and quantified them in detail. Traders who would like to learn more about FTD’s or who would like a refresher may want to check out that series starting with the overview at the link below:

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Anonymous said...

I remember those studies well. Excellent work, new visitors to this site would not be wasting time in perusing them carefully.

The key to Market success in the long run is knowing the eternal Truths about Breadth Thrust... and the ways of interpreting them.