Friday, March 4, 2011

Large Moves Up On The Day Before Employment

Yesterday I wondered whether a strong move up just prior to the employment report might set the market up for disappointment.  I looked at it a number of ways last night.  Below is the results of one of those tests.

Instances are low but stats are lopsided. Personally I considered these and my other results as a reason to hold through the report, rather than sell ahead of it.


Unknown said...

I am very impressed by your research. I do similar work on my own, at a more modest scale. What is your own total average annual return using this research, may I ask? Or are you only doing it for intellectual reasons?

Rob Hanna said...


Thanks for the note. I do not advertise or publish personal returns (and never have). I have always published real-time trade results of the Aggregator System and the trade ideas I publish in the subscriber letter. Anyone who takes a (free) trial may view these results.


The Daily E-mini Trader said...

Do you just back test these theories or trade them real time?


Rob Hanna said...

I use my studies as a basis for establish my trading bias and also executing index trades. For more details on how I do things check out the "Using Quantifiable Edges" series. The label can be found on the right hand side of the blog.