Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Traders On Alert for a Follow Through Day Should Review Quantifiable Edges FTD Research

From the 5/2 peak down to the low on 6/16 the SPX declined 8.2%. After such a decline, Investors Business Daily followers will be eagerly awaiting a follow-though day (FTD) before looking to aggressively allocate intermediate-term trend following positions to their portfolios. I conducted and published to the blog extensive research into IBD Follow-Through-Days (FTD) over the last few years.

I’ll be updating some of it and showing some new information in the next several days, but I would suggest readers that are interested in FTDs may want check out the links below.

This first one is a summary post with links to different areas of the research.


This second link will bring up all blog posts with an “IBD Follow Through Day” label. There have been a few since the summary post above was published.


I’d strongly encourage traders who use FTDs to learn the real facts about them. And keep an eye out for some new FTD research coming soon!

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