Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Odds That Turnaround Tuesday Lives Up To Its' Name...

I’ve shown before that of all days Tuesday has historically shown the highest propensity to halt a short-term pullback. The study below is one from the larger Turnaround Tuesday study. All stats are updated..

As you can see the market has strongly favored a quick move higher. And when that move hasn’t happened on Tuesday it has often happened in the next few days.


Tatitrader said...

Hi, I really appreciate your work. I have a question though: What do you mean exactly by "closes down 3 days in a raw" Do you mean Close < Close of previous day and Close < Open, 3 days in a raw? or just Close < Close of previous day? or maybe Close < then previous day Low? My performance dont quite match yours, so I think this might be a problem. Thank you very much

Rob Hanna said...

I mean SPX has closed below the close of the previous day for 3 days in a row. (But not 4 days. Exactly 3.)