Monday, August 6, 2012

Recent Blogroll Additions

While I have made some recent additions to the blogroll, I have neglected to mention them on the blog.  So I thought I would do so quickly, since they all deserve to be pointed out.

The Whole Street’s Quant Mashup

This is a fairly new site, but they have put together a nice list of quant-oriented blogs.  Several can be found on my blogroll, but there were a few that I had never even heard of.  So I have some more exploring to do with some of these.

The McVerry Report

Joe McVerry has put together quite a list of blogs that can easily be scanned for ideas.

Rogue Traderette

Jess muses about trading.  She’s open, honest and interesting.  A good read.

Cold Hard Football Facts

NFL preseason is set to begin.  Kerry Byrne is an old college friend and he runs the only football “quant” site I know.  He doesn’t just argue about who’s better.  He builds entire stats-based cases.  Right up my alley.


Michele said...

Those are some pretty cool links. Thanks for bringing them to my attention.

WCurrents said...

Hi Rob,
If it is OK, thought your readers might find following site useful as well.


gokina said...
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WCurrents said...

Hi Rob, Thanks. I wish you good health and good trading. Regards.