Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Odds of a Turnaround Tuesday

I've discussed many times in the past that Tuesdays have a well-earned reputation for being a day when the market will often halt a decline.  The study below is one from the larger Turnaround Tuesday study.  It was last published in the 1/31/12 blog. All statistics are updated.

As you can see the market has strongly favored a quick move higher.  And when that move hasn’t happened on Tuesday it has often happened in the next few days.


Ken said...

Interesting but the day-of-week phenomena is not isolated. Can you please post the performance for the complementary set of trades 'not Monday'. [Or should the control group be all days?]

Rob Hanna said...

Hi Ken,

You can use the link in the post to click through to the old "Turnaround Tuesday" study, which breaks down returns by day of the week.


Gamma said...

does SPX just have to be "down" or is there a threshold? -.50%? -1%?

are you using SPX cash?

thx v m